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Defeating the Infrastructure of Corruption

We The People need to force Congress (Federal and State houses) to systematically disband, eliminate, kill these massively draining bureaucracies. Develop a Zero Based Budget approach to all expenditures, not the additive self perpetuating Godzilla’s that exist today. Start over by re-justifying any Federal Agency that would otherwise be the domain of the States.

We need someone who will go to Washington and tell the corrupt bureaucrats:

"Your Fired!"

Liberal Democrats & LBJ's American Slavery

Floridians ~ VOTE Yes on 2 to Legalize Medical Marijuana


Learn the TRUTH about Hemp and Medical Marijuana

For most of the folks here, Red Skelton has no meaning or remembrance.  Please take a moment and listen to one of the greatest comedians and American ever!  Contemplate just how damned LUCKY you are to have been born or naturalized as a Citizen of the USA. Freedom is NOT FREE.

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