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The political arena has now co-opted Nutrition by the crazed liberals as they desperately try to find anyone who will vote for them. They don’t give a damn that they are alienating nutritional health seeking people with their extreme/insane politics. They are now forcing Healthy Lifestyle into the political arena as a Demoncratic approach.  NOT SO MUCH.  Ignore these FOOLS and Idiots!  Nutrition is NOT POLITICAL it is the stuff of LIFE.  The Demoncrats talk about not eating meat while at the same time promoting murdering pre-born children and selling the dead baby body parts for profit.  It does NOT COMPUTE.

American's Health is a major issue as the Trump Administration moves forward.  Obamacare, we all know, was a bloody disaster.   In the new healthcare legislation, more emphasis MUST be placed on Preventative approaches, not the treatment system that is failing so miserably to maintain American's Health.  America pays the MOST for healthcare but are way down the ladder of actual health when compared to other countries.  WHY?  Americans are being fed crap instead of nutritious Whole FOODS.  The medical industry focuses on treatment, not prevention and CURES.  American's are simply being TREATED TO DEATH!

One way to Restore America's Health is to focus on Prevention with a Whole Food Plant Centric dietary Lifestyle.  This book, Restoring America's Health, presents simple steps to achieve better health, reverse disease and work to PREVENT lifestyle disease!

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Restoring America's Health ~ Available from Amazon NOW

Reversing disease is just part of the story.  Their journey has resulted in this book and several lines of business focused on Health, Wellness and Longevity.  Young or old, it is never too late to begin to restore and maintain your health.

Many people, including patients, are told to eat 'better', eat more fiber from vegetables and fruit, avoid high fat and salt etc.  Whether it is the physician or nutritionist the prescription is much the same; unfortunately, it is a prescription that can't be filled in the pharmacy!  This is where this book comes in.  Medical practitioners and nutritionists tell patients what to eat; we show them HOW to do it so they experience the DELICIOUS wonders of whole food plant based cuisine that is the centerpiece of a Plant-Based Lifestyle. 

A plant-based diet lifestyle begins with food choices, but also includes several other alternative and holistic aspects that keep our bodies in balance, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  This Lifestyle includes eating healthy foods, hydrating our bodies properly, moderate exercise that research has shown to be highly effective in healing our bodies and moving us forward to health and wellness.  Everyone has the potential to live long, healthy and happy lives, with no side effects from invasive treatments and pharmaceutical drugs.

This book sets out the steps in a journey towards a Plant Based Lifestyle.  Based upon personal experience, these are the steps she and her husband followed to regain their health and vitality.  Starting in her early 60’s and now over 70, Nancy Stein became Chef Nancy and has become a well-known and proficient Plant Based Chef.

Defeating the Infrastructure of Corruption

Draining the Swamp

We The People need to force Congress (Federal and State houses) to systematically disband, eliminate, kill these massively draining bureaucracies. Develop a Zero Based Budget approach to all expenditures, not the additive self perpetuating Godzilla’s that exist today. Start over by re-justifying any Federal Agency that would otherwise be the domain of the States.

We now have someone in Washington who will tell the corrupt bureaucrats:

"Your Fired!"

For most of the folks here, Red Skelton has no meaning or remembrance.  Please take a moment and read what one of the greatest comedians and American ever said!  Contemplate just how damned LUCKY you are to have been born or naturalized as a Citizen of the USA. Freedom is NOT FREE.  There used to be several videos of this terrific commentary but have now been suppressed by YouTube and other anti-American activists.

I retrieved a copy ~ Just hit Play and Enjoy


The DEA turns its back on freedom; refuses to reschedule cannabis,

claims it’s worse than METH

The blatant corruption in the Federal Government is a disgrace.  Hopefully, a Donald Trump Presidency will bring some common sense to Washington.  The Reason the Feds are against marijuana is that is interferes with the massive graft and kickback system from major healthcare industry powers and the nasty pharmaceuticals.  They make Billion$ while Treating You to DEATH

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