The following companies profide resources and funding for our Vegan Conservative efforts.  Please visit them and utilize their products and services.

Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living Publishing

Restoring America's Health Series Cookbooks

Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living Publishing will be presenting this series of cookbooks based on our best selling book, Restoring America's Health.  These new books will present recipes based on the major areas and the Simple Steps to a Plant-Based Lifestyle.

Join us on our adventures across this Glorious Country we Call HOME.  Future trips will be well planned and planned out in advance to give others plenty of time to make arrangements to join us.  


You KNOW you need to supplement with vitamin B12.  Most others are also deficient due to the lack of B12 in the Standard American Diet, so EVERYONE should be taking a B12/B-Complex supplement.

Nutrisail's B-Light is a great source of B Complex vitamins and provides a bit of a 'Kick' or energy boost too (about as much as a single black cup of coffee!  In addition there is a nice dose of iodine that many healthier folks don't get as they avoid toxic 'table salt'!

Management Systems Consulting, was founded  and began it's corporate status in 1998 as an Information Technology consulting company.  It had it's roots with it's founder, Skip Stein, having established himself as an IT Professional with an impressive background represented by successful business engagements and business experience from Europe to Hong Kong and across the USA.

As new business opportunities presented themselves, many were seized and folded into the organization as subsidiary organizations.  As a result, MSC, Inc. is now involved with international business, Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living, it's health & wellness products and services, and our most recent venture, Plant-Based Road Trip, a travel enterprise.

Bulk Ammo For Sale Online

I personally purchase all my ammunition from Bulk Ammo.  Great prices and delivery with very reasonable shipping charges (given the weight) and FAST delivery!

If you are looking for bulk ammunition, you came to the right website! We pride ourselves on offering only the best deals to the most serious shooters for bulk handgun ammo, bulk rifle ammo, bulk shotgun ammo, and bulk rimfire ammo.

If you have any questions, give us a call, catch us on Live Chat, or send us an email and we will be happy to serve your bulk ammo needs!

Herold Flags

Flags, visible symbols of invisible bonds.

Flags, symbols you can see, that represent feelings.

Flags, fascinating flashes of color, moving with the wind.

A flag, a simple piece of cloth, a powerful, meaningful emblem.

Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living

Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living promotes a plant based nutritional lifestyle that is comfortable, economic and above all Healthy!   To this end, we focus on Smart Living and Healthy Choices.  Much of our approach will involve a 'whole foods & plant based'  lifestyle with commentary on our current ability to choose healthy foods, medicines and supplements.

Why Plant Based Nutrition?  Sometimes the most elegant solution is the most simple. Why plant-based nutrition? Why not? Why develop heart disease? Cancer? Diabetes? The epidemic of chronic, degenerative disease that is sweeping the western world can not only be stopped, it can be reversed. The power lies in the hands of the consumer, in the choices we make about what to put on our plates.

Working Remote

Working Remote: offers to help companies and individuals take advantage of today's technology.  Why spend hours in traffic, burning fossil fuels or electricity; time is money, why sit in traffic when you could be working?  Arriving at the office every morning, frustrated from traffic congestion, getting your coffee and settling down at your desk in the corporate office is more and more just plain unnecessary!