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Let the Healing Begin!

Donald Trump is now our President.

President Trump made a Contract with America and we must both help him deliver and hold him to his Contract.  Now is the time to come together as a Nation and put the divisive rhetoric behind US and UNITE as One Nation, One People, regardless of race, religion or political views.  Let US ALL call ourselves AMERICAN and drop the divisive hyphenated divisive terminology.  Let US focus on Peace, Strength and Prosperity for ALL.

For those of you who Voted for Donald Trump, I thank you.  For those who did not, that’s OK, it is never too late to work toward Our Common Goal to Make America Great, Safe and Strong Again!

The time for healing must begin.  America must come together as a United States of America, not a divided Country.  If we have learned anything from this campaign, we have learned that the once lauded Free Press is no longer Free.  It has been controlled by the special interests; of both sides.  The Globalist Elites have LOST and We The People have WON.  The mainstream media are so biased they can NEVER be trusted.  The Elites of both parties wanted to destroy Our America with a globalist self-interest agenda.  We The People have spoken Loud and Clear, NO MORE.

Now let We The PEOPLE come together. Stop the divisive rhetoric and hyphenated names and just BE AMERICANS.  We have a LOT to do and need to support Our New President, Donald Trump.

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Defeating the Infrastructure of Corruption

Draining the Swamp

We The People need to force Congress (Federal and State houses) to systematically disband, eliminate, kill these massively draining bureaucracies. Develop a Zero Based Budget approach to all expenditures, not the additive self perpetuating Godzilla’s that exist today. Start over by re-justifying any Federal Agency that would otherwise be the domain of the States.

We now have someone who will go to Washington and tell the corrupt bureaucrats:

"Your Fired!"

The DEA turns its back on freedom; refuses to reschedule cannabis, claims it’s worse than METH

The blatant corruption in the Federal Government is a disgrace.  Hopefully, a Donald Trump Presidency will bring some common sense to Washington.  The Reason the Feds are against marijuana is that is interferes with the massive graft and kickback system from major healthcare industry powers and the nasty pharmaceuticals.  They make Billion$ while Treating You to DEATH.

Learn the TRUTH about Hemp and Medical Marijuana

For most of the folks here, Red Skelton has no meaning or remembrance.  Please take a moment and listen to one of the greatest comedians and American ever!  Contemplate just how damned LUCKY you are to have been born or naturalized as a Citizen of the USA. Freedom is NOT FREE.

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