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“I am mortified beyond expression when I view the clouds that have spread over the brightest morn that ever dawned in any country… What a triumph for the advocates of despotism, to find that we are incapable of governing ourselves and that systems founded on the basis of equal liberty are merely ideal and fallacious.”

– President George Washington

"The Coming Collapse of Western Civilization: The shocking reason why liberal Americans are WEAK, but Islamic soldiers are STRONG."  That is the title of an article in Natural News.

This is scary but unfortunately all too true. As, mostly liberal, Americans fear guns, avoid confrontation, seek protection from Free Speech in 'safe places' the islamic savages are sharpening their blades. Of course so to are the Chinese, Russia and the rest of the Planet who Fear FREEDOM and LIBERTY for ALL people!  They smell the stench of American Weakness.

Obama has been a week kneed idiot for almost 8 years. The Planet now views America as the weak rich kid who is so damned easy to bully. Look how Iran bullied Obama and took his 'lunch money' when Obama gave billions is CASH to them. Then the Iran nuke deal and lack of enforcement of the ballistic missile ban.

Now, thanks mostly to the liberal contagion that has swept much of America, almost all of the governments of the EU and much of the UK, Western Civilization is corrupt, greedy, self serving and is so ripe for the picking by savages who seek to Destroy, murder and rape easy targets in gun free zones across the Planet.

The savages and the enemies of Freedom and Liberty smell the sweat of fear promulgated by liberal globalists who actually believe that you can appease savages and demons who fear Our Freedom as a threat to their vile dominance of the peoples of their countries.

Savage cults, like islam and their tenants defined in the abominable koran and sharia law, smell the blood of the early terrorist attacks and see that there is no response. This weakness makes them salivate for more blood, OUR BLOOD.

Western Civilizations have become weak, pansy assed liberal cesspools that have diluted the hard won Freedom and Liberties of our Forefathers.  The tens of thousands Heroes who fought in the Great Wars for our Freedom and Liberty are no more.  Our valiant military heroes are now managed and controled by politically correct idiots who fight wars for political correctness; not for Freedom and Liberty.  They fight for show and tell not to WIN.

The liberal ruling concept is that if you play nice, cede your power and bow down, this will somehow appease the savage beast.  How naive and downright idiotic, the savages just smell the weakness and will swing the blade to decapitate you.  As your head rolls across the sand, will you finally see the foolishness of your ways; only when it is too late?

If you want to survive what Comey (FBI) called the islamic diaspora, you had better Gun Up, Ammo Up and get ready to defend yourself because Obama has created an easy vulnerable target: the USA.

If We as a Nation, the USA, want to survive and continue we must be STRONG and stand up to the agressive posturing of China, Russia and all others who want to destroy the only stronghold of Freedom and Liberty that has ever existed on this Planet.

The ONLY Peace is derived from Strength.  It has always been this way and always will be.  There can be no Freedom and Liberty if we are controlled by weak kneed liberals who Fear everyone and everything and capitulate and give in to the bullies.

Learn from History.  The Roman Empire collapsed from within with corruption and self indulgence/greed.  Gengihs Kahn united the tribal savage groups to Conquer much of the known world.  We in Western Civilization now face the hoard of islam and must pray that they never unite as the planes tribes did under the Great Kahn.

It's NOW past time to Gun Up and Stand against the savage cult of islam.  They are ALL savages controlled by this insane believe in the koran/sharia and can never be integrated into Any Civilized society. As long as there is islam, there will be terror, murder, rape and slavery.  Like the Nazi's of WWII, the only peaceful one is a DEAD one.

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September 30, 2016 ~ by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger