Where Are the Heroes?

A Planet In Search of Leaders

We are a Planet in search of Leaders, Heroes and Truth-tellers! People are desperate. They have been forced to relate to comic books for leaders and inspiration as there are none in the real world!

Desperate people, of all ages, are spending their hard earned money to attend film events for a couple of hours to get some relief from the lies, falsehoods and obfuscations that plague the corrupt media. They watch TV programs fresh out of the pages of comic books. It is a growing phenoms; not only on major networks but even Netflix and others are making their own comic book programs. Fictional Superheroes abound and more are coming. Even Super Girl is making a comeback!

Once we had real life heroes. Valiant soldiers once fought and won World Wars to protect our Freedom and Liberty. Sports heroes who demonstrated the highest moral and professional standards that young kids could admire. Even political leaders who inspired and truly led the populace to envision bold and grand adventures to the Moon and beyond.

What have we now? Sadly, very little. The self professed leaders now openly Lie and demonstrate their corrupt nature by aligning with monied self interested enterprises. Professional Politicians lie, not just sometimes but all the time and openly with their arrogance and indifference to the TRUTH. Sports figures are guilty of cheating; whether with enhancing drugs or tampering with the equipment (deflation-gate). Other sports figures beat their wives and get slaps on the wrist and are excused because they can win games; all the while being paid enormous salaries for playing a Game?

We no long expect the Truth from anyone. Companies lie about their products. The government agencies, designed to protect and serve, are filled with bureaucrats who are, have been, or will be paid enormous fees by corporate interests to render favorable opinions about products that may be killing people.

Drug companies make billion$ from drugs that often do more damage than good. All approved by government agencies who don't validate, verify or otherwise test the claims to effectiveness but take the word of the self interested companies.

The educational systems are more ones of indoctrination and subservience than of true education. Kids graduating from High School and even college are functionally illiterate. They can't even make change if working for a service establishment but have to read the numbers from a register/computer instead of figuring it out themselves.

What can the future or our Planet truly be if we must depend on fictional heroes and not real ones? Fiction can be inspirational but only for so long as eventually the Truth is known that is is and has been a total fabrication and has little relevance to the Real World that is falling apart. When Truth, Justice and the American Way is no longer found in the real world but only in fiction, we all may be doomed.

Let US ALL become Superheroes to ourselves, our families, friends and neighbors. Become the Very BEST you can be and become a Leader and Role model to everyone around you. Fight every day, for Truth Justice and Freedom, the American Way!

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Skip Stein is President of Management Systems Consulting, in Orlando Florida.