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Learn the TRUTH about Hemp and Medical Marijuana.

Get the TRUTH about Hemp and Medical Marijuana. Don't fall for the ridiculous hype from the corrupt government in Washington. They have a vested interest in keeping lifesaving drugs (cheap and almost free) from the marketplace. Between the drug, clothing, pharmaceutical and others, preventing the commercial production of Hemp and CBD demonstrates the massive corruption in government and the linkage (corrupt ownership) between Congress and vested interests (corporations).

They call him "The Donald'!

As candidates for president emerge it is important to know where each stands on issues that are important to AMERICA. The USA cannot afford to make another mistake in electing an anti-American Socialist, someone with a poor track record of public service, or someone who values illegal invaders more than hard-working, loyal Americans and her military.

We are a Planet in search of Leaders, Heroes and Truth-tellers!  People are desperate.  They have been forced to relate to comic books for leaders and inspiration as there are none in the real world!

Let US ALL become Superheroes to ourselves, our families, friends and neighbors. Become the Very BEST you can be and become a Leader and Role model to everyone around you. Fight every day, for Truth Justice and Freedom, the American Way!


Travesty in Healthcare => The system is skewed and corrupt. These associations and government agencies (FDA, AMA, Farm Bureaus, etc.) that control the HealthCare System, are littered with individuals from the pharmaceutical industry, mega-businesses (meat, dairy, subsidized agribusiness) and other related industries who all profit hugely from the existing HealthCare System. These huge mulch-national corporations fund campaigns, build hospital wings and fund educational institutions (as long as they follow a strict profit generation model dictated by the sponsors).

Our Unsafe Society - Achiving a Balance of Power => It is an unfortunate fact that our Planet continues to be a place of violence, suffering and unrest.  As information becomes more pervasive, so do the attempts to protect it from theft; all the while enabling a vast transfer of knowledge.  Knowledge IS FREEDOM but that knowledge is constantly being censored by governments, corporations and individuals who Fear a Free and Open Society.