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9 Months in 4 Minutes

Your Amazing Body - Growing LIFE

This wondrous LIFE is what Demoncrats want to MURDER and actively Promote, Sponsor and Base their Platform upon.  This position is Infanticide/MURDER.  Vote for a Demoncrat and you are voting for Legalizing MURDER.  Will you, your parents, Grandparents be next?  Devaluing LIFE is the beginning of the End.

This Amazing video is now been deleted by YouTube!

I saved a Copy!!

A Disgusting Possibility

There is a lot of talk about adrenochrome and how it is made.  It is a derivative of the chemicals produced by the human body when it is under intense, immeasurable fear.  What could be More Fearful than being murdered, literally torn limb from limb while in the womb of a mother or murdered shortly after birth?  The child’s nervous system is one of the First things that develop and the horrible idea that these infants don’t experience horrendous pain, suffering and fear is idiotic.

What is happening to all these aborted babies?  The Horrible and Disguising possibility is that they are being used in harvesting of adrenochrome for the use of the DEEP STATE Elites and their partners in MSM and Hollywood.  These children are murdered and just what DOES Happen to their little defenseless bodies?

There can be little doubt that the liberal Deep State Agenda is EVIL.