The Simple Cost Effective SOLUTION to our Health Crisis in America!

But No One Listens!!!

There is a rising Health and Wellness movement in the USA. Driven by the utter failure of government bureaucracies, their inherent corruption and most medical practitioners ignorance of the ability of the human body to heal itself, fight disease and reverse lifestyle diseases through Whole Foods and Healthy Nutrition.  We want to promote overall general Health and Wellness. 

We want to gather alternative and organic farmers, food producers/distributors, holistic groups, practitioners and medical professionals to promote Health and Wellness.  In order to do so, we have to fight entrenched bureaucratic groups and agencies who are well funded and controlled by massive Global Corporations.  It is a fight of Right against money, power and corruption.  We will try to inform and educate by presenting and promoting definitive information sources, experts and individuals who have and want to promote the Health and Wellness of the American People, Our Country and, yes the Planet!  We are destroying ourselves and the Planet we live upon.  This is truly a fight between life and death just as much as it is about Freedom and Liberty.  How can we be Free if we are dying?  Health and Wellness is the very foundation of all we strive to accomplish.  Without Health and Wellness we have nothing to fight with!  Without Health and Wellness we have nothing to fight for!

Join us to gather our abundant and varied resources.  Try to put aside specific agenda's and organize as a true force of change to roll back the corruption, greed and destruction being promulgated by corporations and agencies who have no desire to cure, but only to treat disease.  No desire to provide healthy nutritional food, but only to make easy money by the cheapest and most subsidized means possible.  No desire to provide freedom of choice in our food and sustenance options, but only control the Global Food Chain.

Government is out of control.

Healthcare is out of control.

Too big, too bureaucratic and just teaming with idiots. 

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