I’m Getting Really Sick of all the ‘Trump Bashing’

I’m getting really sick of all the ‘Trump Bashing’ that has been going on for well over a year since He became The President of The United States of America.  It is beyond disgusting to see the abuse in lamestream media, the RINO’s and Liberal Scum/Democrats who obstruct EVERY effort to Make America Great Again.

@realDonaldTrump is a man of integrity, strength and unbound Love for America.  He has planned for this, trained for this, developed/learned the skills for this for decades.  His fortunes have been built on negotiating and 'deal making' which makes him perfect for @POTUS.

How can SO many Americans prefer to pander to Illegal Criminals while ignoring the plight of so many Americans; Veterans included.  America has been the totally unappreciated caretaker of the Planet for over a Century.  NO Country has given more.  Yet, everyone, especially those idiots in the United Nations, constantly castigate, oppose and attack US at every instance.

President Trump has overseen the, almost miraculous, revival of the USA Economy.  Unprecedented rebounding of the Stock Market; making tons of money for everyone’s 401K and more.  Then there are the amazing tax cuts that has Trillion$ of dollars, previously offshore, flowing back into the country to revitalize investment, manufacturing and almost every business sector. 

President Trump has stood up against those Countries who intend to do US harm; militarily and economically.  He clearly states that he is All In for America; unlike the liberal scum who tried to turn Our Country into a Third World Shithole.

There are a Lot of things I don’t like/approve in the Trump Administration but it is very early to be so critical.  After reading his books (which most have not) you get an understanding of the Man, his beliefs, attitudes and business acumen. He puts his experience to the test every day and unlike almost Every Other President, has steadfastly held and tried to make good on EVERY campaign Promise he ever uttered.  The obstructionists in Congress who oppose him at every turn are seditious children who just can’t stand to see Honesty, Integrity and Grit in the Oval Office.  It’s been a really long, LONG time since America has had a President like that.  Matter of fact, America has NEVER had a President like Donald Trump.

I am fed up with the idiots, liberals and RINO’s who oppose America and oppose everything President Trump is trying to DO FOR America.  If you don’t like my approach, please unfriend, drop, un-follow and get out of my way.  I am working to Make America Great Again!  #MAGA