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  They Called Him "The Donald"

He is Still Mr. President to me!

Now is the time to come together as a Nation and put the divisive rhetoric behind US and UNITE as One Nation, One People, regardless of race, religion or political views.  Let US ALL call ourselves AMERICAN and drop the divisive hyphenated divisive terminology.  Let US focus on Peace, Strength and Prosperity for ALL.

For those of you who Voted for Donald Trump, I thank you.  For those who did not, that’s OK, it is never too late to work toward Our Common Goal to Make America Great, Safe and Strong Again!

America must come together as a United States of America, not a divided Country.  If we have learned anything from this campaign, we have learned that the once lauded Free Press is no longer Free.  It has been controlled by the special interests; of both sides.  The Globalist Elites have LOST and We The People have WON.  The mainstream media are so biased they can NEVER be trusted.  The Elites of both parties wanted to destroy Our America with a globalist self-interest agenda.  We The People have spoken Loud and Clear, NO MORE.

Now let We The PEOPLE come together. Stop the divisive rhetoric and hyphenated names and just BE AMERICANS. 

Our Country was Founded by the Donald Trump's of the day. They were Business Leaders and Farmers who refused to accept British taxation/rule and overbearing regulations that constricted businesses. The Founding Fathers were the 'powerful & rich' of their day but sacrificed their time and risked their lives to Give America Freedom and Liberty.  Join Donald Trump to rebel against the infrastructure of corruption that has taken over Our Government and infested it with professional elite politicians who, like the British, ignore We The People and spend Us into poverty, tax us into submission and suppress our Freedoms and Liberty!

Things you Didn't Know about Donald Trump

Most Americans are ANGRY as Hell and won't take it any more.  The corruption with professional politicians is rampant and WE The People are sick and tired of the lies, malfeasance in office and downright lawlessness in Washington and the cabal that purport to represent US.

THAT is why people love President Trump.  He tells it like it is and no party affiliation.  We need People who will go to Washington and tell the corrupt bureaucrats:

"Your Fired!"

Trump Recites 'The Vicious Snake'

(referring to savage muslim 'refugee' invasion)

If you want to know what makes The Donald tick?

Read his books!

Highlighted Trumpisms from His books!