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Is Ths Virus ~ A Distraction from The TRUTH?

The Nation and it seems the Planet is wrapped up in the Wuhan China Virus – COVID-19.  The numbers we see reported have been shown to often be overinflated or just made up.  All deaths from chronic disease, pre-existing conditions seem to be coded for COVD-19 so can ANY of these numbers be trusted.  It seems not!  Whether over-inflated or just plain lies; it is difficult to tell just Where the TRUTH truly IS.

Is anyone considering the POLITICAL/Social ramifications?  Based on many sources (mostly Q-Related) this was an attempt by the Globalist Deep State to tank the World Economy and devastate the Free World.  This would allow another Big Bank and Cabal bailout of the corrupt World Banking Elite.  There may, just may, be something BIGGER happening as many of the World’s Patriots (of all Nations) attack the EVIL that has existed for decades and more.  Consider all the Police/Military actions we see reported (not by many you have to DIG), from Rome to Venezuela.  The Drug Interdiction by the US Military and the USE of many of the WAR Statutes in our USA Constitution have been Fully Unleashed as the Trump (and Patriots) turn this artificial pandemic back on the creators.  By unleashing untold POWER to President Trump, they have created their own demise (we all pray!).

Back to the Pandemic.  Too many new/recent Citizen Journalist videos are now available (you have to search) that show the USA Hospitals (many in the worst areas of infection) are EMPTY:


  • Empty Streets, EMPTY Parking Lots.

Hospital administrators are complaining about lost revenue from the shutdown of almost all ‘non-essential’ services.  Recent Stats (I’ll have to look them up again) mentioned in President Trump’s latest briefings are showing a Lower TOTAL death rate in these recent weeks that previous Years stats. That is TOTAL not skewered by the COVD inflated numbers; this is from ALL causes.  How is that possible if this ‘pandemic’ is killing unmercifully so many?  Has cancer, heart disease and other chronic disease deaths “Taken a Holiday” (from Death Takes a Holiday)?  No methinks not.  It seems that NOT going to hospital is a healthier option!?!

So, what are we to do and think?  Personally, I don’t know.  I took the ‘Red Pill’ but am still uncertain.  I am taking an approach of Watchful Waiting (learned this from being diagnosed with cancer 11 years ago and deciding to do nothing but change my Lifestylediet!).  Praying and Hoping that this truly IS a #GreatAwakening and I am #TrustingthePlan.  We have incited a worldwide movement focused on JFK’s Bell: #WWG1WGA

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